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is a global Energy Sector project development group, with experience securing capital and reliable financing structures for an array of high quality investment vehicles including industry assets, projects, and private equity service. HESCO succeeds with a hybrid functionality, more diversified than many project development groups, allowing more operational flexibility and leading to project success through our extended industry reach. With interests in developing pipeline, power plants, operating entities, and other mid-stream assets and industry elements, HESCO is well entrenched in the global investment and infrastructure market.

HESCO executive team is honored to offer our overview of company philosophy, function, and diversity of Project Development. We believe HESCO’s proven expertise and unique array of multi-level project development perspectives brings a measurable and reliable asset to the industry. With a vibrant, hybrid approach to the industry, HESCO looks forward to building opportunities and successful ventures with similar-visioned contemporaries in our global industry.

Consulting Services

  • Innovative Business Solutions
  • Decades of Industry Experience
  • Commercial Solutions

Engineering & Project Development​

  • Assets
  • Projects
  • Critical Services Companies

HESCO Team of Executives & Consultants Covering All Aspects of our Sector

Hesco Team

Monte L. Burton Chief Executive Officer of HESCO, is a successful senior executive with substantial experience in the pipeline construction and maintenance industry. He also serves as CEO of Burton Investments International, LLC, a privately held consulting company with successful partnerships both domestic and internationally. Mr. Burton is a 5th Generation Pipeliner with over 25 years of experience in the Pipeline Construction and Maintenance Industry. Mr. Burton has been a founder and/or senior executive for a number of other successful energy companies during his 25 year career in the energy industry including Integrity Pipeline Services, Energy Maintenance Services Group USA, Integrity Pipeline Filtration Company LLC and others. The broad industry experience of Monte Burton provides HESCO LLC with an unmatched network of industry executives and entrepreneurs, resulting in a deep and unique source of proprietary deal flow. As Chief Executive Officer, of HESCO Mr. Burton believes there are few Energy Management groups with a comparable breadth or depth of experience.

Stephen Loy ,President of HESCO, is a CPA and CMA with 36 years of experience in the Midstream Pipeline Asset industry. Loy also serves as President of HESCO Midstream Company, LLC located in Houston, Texas. His role includes administration, formulating business strategy, acquisition evaluation, commercial strategy and growing gathering and processing assets of the company. Prior to forming HESCO in 2015, Loy served as Vice President of Gas Supply with Azure Midstream Operating (AMO). AMO is an owner and operator of midstream gas gathering, treating, and processing assets (3000 miles acquired from Plains All-American Pipeline in 2008). Loy managed and identified opportunities for development of the assets as well as administration of personnel, regulatory filings and financial reporting. Loy joined Laser Midstream when HESCO Gathering Company was sold to Laser Midstream in July 2006. Loy, as one of the owners of HESCO Gathering served as COO from 1998 to 2006. In this role, HESCO Gathering grew its pipeline assets to 307 miles prior to the sale to Laser Midstream. Loy also served as Vice President of Houston Energy Services Company, LLC from 1998 to 2006 and from 1991 to 1998 Loy served as Vice President for Onyx Gas Company. Loy has continually worked his way up the ranks of various Midstream Gas companies. He graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BBA in Accounting.

Alberto Salinas ,Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel of HESCO, is a successful lawyer with substantial experience in areas of law ranging from business, commercial, international, and immigration . Mr. Salinas has provided general counsel services to small and medium sized companies in a wide range of legal issues. He has represented companies ranging from oil & gas to real estate companies in the formation stage, resolving difficult legal issues, contract preparation/review, international matters and in day-to-day assistance as general counsel. Mr. Salinas has been the Managing Member and Owner of the Salinas Law Firm, established in 2007, where he filed lawsuits on behalf of companies and individuals in matters relating to contract disputes, employment, negligence and other business claims. He has also defended companies and individuals when they have been sued. Mr. Salinas has also worked extensively in immigration and nationality law, where he successfully represented clients before the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as well as through filings with U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world. He has represented companies, both domestic and foreign, with an array of international , employment and immigration legal issues. Mr. Salinas is a member of the State Bar of Texas as well as the Houston Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Mexican American Bar Association of Houston, Texas Young Lawyers Association, and Hispanic National Bar Association. Mr. Salinas is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Strategic Consulting

HESCO addresses the critical questions facing senior executives and develops blueprints for growth and increased value through its proven project development skills in business. We apply the demonstrated insight and expertise to achieve an organization’s business goals, whether that involves realigning overarching corporate strategy, or identifying how individual business units can make the greatest possible contribution to the entire organization. Our understanding of market trends and drivers, along with deep industry expertise and analytical firepower, enables us to develop actionable strategies that create measurable long-term value for projects and organizations. We tap our vast knowledge to uncover hidden opportunities and provide the evidence-based analysis executives need to make informed decisions.

HESCO assists in identifying sources of potential acquisition and mergers if desired. Participants will examine the roles of outside organizations such as investment banking firms, business brokers, and the general business network.

The importance of clearly articulating the enterprise strategy before embarking on merger or acquisition activity are: 

  • Achieve alignment on management expectations about mergers and acquisitions.
  • Establish a process for evaluating potential merger and acquisition candidates.
  • Screen potential merger and acquisition candidates.
  • Complete a financial evaluation of merger and acquisition candidates.
  • Estimate the value of merger and acquisition candidates.
  • Conduct due diligence.
  • Develop and implement an assimilation plan to guide post-merger integration activities.

Expanding to new markets means adapting to unknown conditions. HESCO services can help your business explore and enter markets beyond your domestic borders. Our international specialists assist companies by exploring overseas opportunities, developing international business plans, positioning their products and services to compete effectively, and supporting global operations.

Strategic Execution

The reasons to use an adviser are compelling: broader marketing identifies less obvious buyers who will often pay a premium; experience avoids common pitfalls; and resource and focus makes transactions happen. HESCO business services practice is particularly known for its ability to:

Leverage global delivery capabilities – nationally and worldwide to resolve the in-depth issues arising in transactions.
Create value from a transaction, not just transfer it – by merging an in-depth understanding of businesses potential with flexible transaction methodologies.
Integrate a full range of functional experts – to ensure all transaction issues are addressed and save you the trouble of managing multiple advisors.
Address the specific challenges facing mid-cap companies – presenting challenges as opportunities, in a resource-constrained environment, is our strength.
By advising on a wide range of transactions, we reduce the pressure on top executives and create substantial value for our clients.
The HESCO team will, through its engineering, consulting, project development, project management and investment business integration, identify opportunities for purchase and securing of additional industry assets under the company’s umbrella. These researched assets will be considered not only for current operations, but for available and pending HESCO project contracts being sculpted and trafficked toward the company’s entity.

In addition, a strong focus will be held on assets that will fit into the larger Expansion element of the company’s footprint – operations and core competencies not necessarily being maximized to date. These relate to expansion via mergers/acquisitions discussions.

Project Consulting Services

HESCO offers an arsenal full of project development and financial oversight experience to energy sector clients through its unique business process. The HESCO team offers their collective innovative approach to business solutions.
Phase 1 - Review and Evaluate Project
  • Obtain all project contracts
  • Review all agreements, contracts, and groups involved
  • Determine project needs and identity solutions
  • Obtain all information needed prepare LOI for investors
  • Submit project scope to in house engineering team to vet engineering studies and obtain approval for investors
Phase 2 - Preparation
  • Start preparation of LOI for Finance & Investment
  • Develop Project Outline
  • Identify Critical Steps and Strategy to complete
Phase 3 - Development & Completion
  • Complete Project Development Strategy
  • Complete package & requirements
  • Investment financing

Midstream Investments

“When you choose HESCO, you work with individuals who do the right things for our investors and for our customers. We believe in utilizing the power of strong collaborative relationships, bound by the trust we have earned, to deliver innovative solutions and an outstanding service experience.“

HESCO offers integrated services under the Pipeline Safety Act and Clean Air Act for our customers covering engineering, inspection, compliance and maintenance of energy assets and construction management services for midstream projects to support the growth of the energy industry.

Our experienced, reliable professionals deliver high-quality work in a timely manner to meet our clients’ energy needs. We possess the specialized skills and state-of-the art equipment to carry out your project in an environment where both employee and public safety is a top priority.

We provide an array of services such as engineering, procurement, pipeline and facilities construction, O&M services, integrity management, and project management, equity investment, and financing. Our company serves the following customers throughout the United States:

  • Pipeline owners and operators;
  • Independent oil and gas exploration and production companies;
  • Petrochemical companies; and
  • Power generation companies.

Midstream Capabilities

HESCO’s alliances with various industry participants such as Siemens, et al, inspection companies and construction contractors allows us to provide the best solution for any midstream project on a very competitive basis. HESCO Midstream consists of services related to engineering, pipelines and maintenance. We also offer construction or operation of gathering, measurement, processing, storage and transportation facilities on a contract basis or as our investment.


  • Field Gathering Pipelines & Systems
  • Launchers & Receivers
  • Compression


  • Metering
  • Electronic Flow Measurement
  • Remote Monitors & Actuators
  • Communication Systems


  • Gas Storage Facilities
  • Tank Farms
  • Terminals & Transfer station
  • Crude Oil Storage Facilities


  • Amine, Dehydration & Cryogenic Facilities
  • Vessels & Exchangers
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Pressure Reduction Systems


  • Transmission Pipelines (Mainlines, Trunk lines)
  • Laterals & Spur Lines
  • Pump Stations
  • Compressor Stations
  • Rail & Truck Loading Facilities

Midstream Construction

Our construction team is composed of experienced and dynamic people who know how to start and finish projects efficiently and safely. When we construct a facility or pipeline, we assess and build it from an owner’s viewpoint. We often make recommendations that improve future operating costs and efficiencies based on our vast previous experiences.

Our team is dedicated to safely constructing high-quality assets for our clients. We are keenly aware of our obligation to deliver midstream projects on time and within budget.

We offer full Integrated Services: engineering, procurement, construction, operation, and investment through our alliances with several, large, fully-integrated equipment, construction and inspection firms. With these relationships, we are able to offer full engineering, procurement, construction, fabrication and material management. We truly can provide end-to-end turnkey design, management and fulfillment of any facilities project or pipeline project.

Our goal is to deliver safe, efficiently-managed, and cost-effective projects that meet your precise requirements. Our capabilities include economic analysis, feasibility studies, process design, front-end and detail engineering, project engineering, and construction engineering. We offer a wide range of disciplines, including civil/structural, geotechnical, electrical, instrumentation and controls, mechanical, piping and process engineering.

HESCO Commitment

Through its vast networking relationships in the energy sector, the HESCO team will identify, recommend, and execute (in conjunction with the Company’s Executive partners) well-crafted and substantial energy sector midstream assets on a contract basis or as its own investment. With an acute focus on expanding the wingspan of our company and to increase the market valuation of our Company and our Customers, HESCO is ready to construct, own, and operate any midstream asset as an investment or as a service.



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